Understanding GuestyRides Platform

It’s all in the little details.

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Offer an Airport Transfer

A guest can book a ride with GuestyRides, ONLY if he has a link from a host. The link you will send to your guest will take him to a landing page created just for you, and will looks like that:

* Press here to go to live sample link

Once the guest book a ride, a confirmation will be send to him and you. So you know he booked a ride with GuestyRides.

Also, anytime during his stay , if the Guest uses GuestyRides you will know and get a credit for it.

Local Experiences

How Airbnb Profits From Local Experiences?

Experiences program pay 20% of the final price as a commission fee to Airbnb.

Airbnb deducts this fee when it processes the payment.

How Much Airbnb Profits From Local Experiences?

The platform was launched in New York City in 2016 with an inventory of 150 Experiences. It soon expanded to include major cities around the world. It has benefited Airbnb because it has become able to operate in cities where there are restrictions or bans on Airbnb properties.

According to CEO Brian Chesky, as of October 2017, the platform had grown 12x in size from January 2017. Chesky stated that Experiences was growing about 13 times faster than the Airbnb rental property business was at the same time. As far as earnings go, the Experiences program reportedly made the company $1 billion in the second quarter of 2019.

Guests can pay anywhere between $25-$150 for an experience. On average, guests will pay around $55 per person to book an experience. In 2020, Airbnb launched its Online Experiences program, further diversifying the platform.

What Are the Most Popular Airbnb Experiences?

How You Can Profit From Local Experiences?

The link will provide your guests plenty of information on what to do in the area. Instead of providing them brochures, discount coupons and menus of local attractions and restaurants. The link will do all that and point them to places those places.

How You Can Profits From Local Experiences​

Every-time your guest booking an experience you are getting 10% from the booking price.

Help Your Guest Eat Like A Local

Provide Valuable Local Advice

Your Personalized Link Will

Search Out Excellent Experiences

Make It A Custom Itinerary

For not much extra work, you can make the itinerary look totally custom for each guest reservation.

The average Airbnb reservation is three or four nights.

Plan out your guest’s stay for them with a four-day itinerary.

You can easily lengthen this to 7-days by doing one of two things: inserting rest days or common touristy activities.

In general, though, you want to avoid the common touristy things. Assume the guest already found it.

You can make it look super custom by labeling your guest itineary with the days of the week. Or, you could use Day One, Day Two, etc.

Your itinerary as a stand-alone document like

Your Guest don’t needs to download an app or create an account to view it.

There are very few guests on Airbnb that are truly only looking for a place to stay. In fact, the majority of guests are looking for accommodations that will allow them to take advantage of everything that the local destination has to offer. From easily accessible transportation options to leisure activities, the top-grossing Airbnb income property hosts really know how to sell the local experience.

Example Custom Link For Your Guest

How Much Is the GuestyRides Experience Commission to You?

We pay this fee when we processes the payment.


Create your itinerary as a stand-alone document like a PDF. Don’t use a service where the guest needs to download an app or create an account to view it. Also, not everyone uses Google so don’t use Google Docs.


Your link will be a personalized landing page, where the guest will be able to book a ride. 

In addition to that we can attach a custom itinerary depending in the amount of days you guest stays in town.

Individualized Experience

To stand apart on Airbnb, think about the type of experience you will be creating for prospective guests.

With scores of listings on the website, hosts who highlight the features of their location, such as nearby activities and the types of experiences that the guest could have there, are likely to gain more attention than those who simply list the property details.

Direct Booking